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Lower the cost of lab testing for your direct primary care patients with Grassroots Labs, and empower them to afford more care options in your office.

Grassroots Labs is an online marketplace for lab testing. We connect patients directly with national laboratories to get the lab testing they need while being treated in your office, but at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay going directly to the labs. We help patients make their health care dollars go farther so they can spend more time getting healthy with you!

Blood Tests are Expensive. We Fix That.

Here's How It Works

Find and Order Tests

Refer your patients to Grassroots Labs where they can find lab tests and panels recommended by you. Patients view, purchase, and get their lab orders all through the Grassroots Labs online store.

Visit a Local Testing Center

Patients are directed to local testing centers operated by our lab vendor, Quest Diagnostics to have their tests performed.

Review and Share Results

Most test results are available within 3-5 business days and are stored securely in the patient's account on Grassroots Labs. Patients can download their results to share with your office or have Grassroots Labs send them directly.

Wide Testing Options Available

Infectious Disease Testing

A La Carte Testing

Savings of 30-70% off Self-Pay Lab Pricing

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Thousands Served. Millions Saved.

We Support Your Patients Through the Whole Process

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Complete our simple form to request a call back from our support team to get more information about Grassroots Labs and how we can save your patients money on their lab testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything for people to sign up?

No, there are no fees to use Grassroots Labs. Patients can check lab prices without ever creating an account. We encourage patients to use our service as a tool to price check their labs.

What if GRL doesn't have the test I want my patient to get?

We typically add new tests to our site every 2 weeks. If there is a test we do not offer, but you think we should, send us a message or give us a call and we’d be happy to request to have it approved to our list.

Will I (the provider) automatically be sent the results?

Your patients need to fill out our online Release of Information and then we will email or fax them to your office, as soon as they are available. Patients also have the option of accessing their labs and printing them out via our website.

Why use Grassroots Labs over other lab options?

More Affordable

Great Customer Service

Better Experience for Patients

What happens to critical results?

When labs come back with a critical value, our Physician Oversight Team will attempt to contact the patient directly. If the patient does not answer, they will try again once a day for 3 days.

What happens for positive infectious disease results?

Our Physician Oversight Team will reach out to the patient and schedule a quick phone consultation with the patient to let them know and encourage them to seek treatment with your office. The appropriate local health department will also be automatically notified of the result.

Do patients use a lab order from my office?

No, patients who order through Grassroots Labs receive an order from a state licensed physician on our physician oversight team. Patients will not use your lab order to get their labs, otherwise they will have to pay the higher prices at the lab.

Please do not send electronic lab orders to the lab automatically.

If your office automatically sends electronic lab orders to the lab, please instruct your patients to print our their lab order from Grassroots Labs and take it to the lab to use.

What is the $28 processing fee for?

The processing fee covers our physician oversight team to issue the lab order and review it when it comes in. It also covers the draw fee at the lab for the patient along with other admin costs.

The processing fee is per order, so it is only paid once no matter how many tests the patient orders.

Can the patient's lab sample be drawn in our office?

Currently no. We are working on adding this ability, but currently the patient must visit one of the approved Quest Diagnostics testing centers to have their sample drawn.

Please do not draw labs in your office.

Blood Tests are Expensive. We Fix That.